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We specialize in providing solution driven mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings. Our services include a top to bottom inspection of your home or business, air sample testing, surface sample testing and a full color report with a mold remediation plan. All lab samples are tested by an independent lab.


This inspection specifically tests for meth contamination. The chemicals used to make narcotics can carry a high risk of causing illness. If you suspect your rental house or new home may have housed a meth lab, we can test for it. Some signs include red or yellow stains on carpets, floors, or counters, iodine stains on walls, and burns on surfaces.


Sick Building Syndrome may be affecting the health of workers creating increased absenteeism, costing the company a loss in revenue. Dampness, mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and poor ventilation may be causing employees to become sick. It’s important to implement regular inspections to identify trouble areas. We recommend semi-annual or annual checkups. We will inspect your building for potential issues and make recommendations if needed. Contact usfor a phone consultation to discussyour needs.


High levels of Volatile Organic Compounds can pose a health hazard to you and your family. These chemicals can be found in building materials used in the home, cooking sources, gasoline and fuel, some air freshener, carpeting, laser printers, paints, cleaning products and many other sources.

We conduct VOC inspections and testing when we have a client complaining of odors or who are experiencing headaches or feel nauseous.

We use an OSHA and NIOSH approved method for collecting VOCs through a sorbent badge. This badge may be worn for up to 8 hrs or placed in suspect areas. The badge is then sent off to an independent lab for analysis.


InstaScope is the new way to sample air and receive real-time information about every room so you can know if mold is present in a structure. Typically, after a mold inspection, it can take days for lab results to come back. We use InstaScope giving us the ability to evaluate airborne particles instantly and generate reports for you on-site.