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Your Indoor Air Quality Inspection Professionals, based out of Carthage, MO, and available nationally.

Springfield Quality Services specializes in assessing your indoor air quality issues. Our services are based in Carthage, MO and available nationally. We offer solution-driven mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings, Volatile Organic Compound Testing, virus and bacteria inspections, odor investigations, surface methamphetamine sampling, and moisture investigations.

What Our Customers Have to Say:
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Melinda K
Melinda K
July 20, 2023
Absolutely the best experience I could ask for. I live in Texas and contacted Springfield Quality Services about conducting an air quality test at my parents' home in Missouri. I found Mr. Beasley to be professional and informative. He spent time explaining the process and what we could expect to learn. It was very important to us to get the house assessed and the appointment was set within a few days. Mr. Beasley arrived on the day and at the time scheduled. He was professional and thorough. Before he left my parents' home, he went over his findings, made recommendations, and said he would send a written report, which he did within a couple of days. The report was easy to understand and very detailed. It gave us all the information we needed to make further decisions. After working with a different business that was not professional, ethical, or even honest, Springfield Quality Services provided me so much relief with their ethical business practices, professional demeanor, and thorough work. Highly recommended!
June 16, 2023
Stacy and Chris were wonderful to work with. Very quick to respond, courteous, and thorough. Both of them were happy to answer all of my questions; having never gone through the process of dealing with mold before. Top notch customer service!
Chantal Carson
Chantal Carson
May 12, 2023
Stacy did a mold inspection before a potential home purchase for us. His technician found mold in several rooms and performed air quality tests. The inspection reports are very thorough and detailed, and include pictures which is really helpful. My husband and I decided not to go ahead with the purchase of the home but Stacy did offer to provide a detailed protocol for a remediation company to estimate the work. Stacy is very thorough, professional, and communicative. I would highly recommend Springfield Quality Services to anyone in the Springfield area looking for mold inspections!
Erik Hansen
Erik Hansen
April 18, 2023
SQS came highly recommended to us from someone in Springfield who had tried many different mold inspection services. They were very thorough in checking for mold in our entire house. They found some in our basement and provided several recommendations of who to use for remediation.
Brian Spangler
Brian Spangler
December 7, 2022
Springfield Quality Services is very professional and exceeds customer expectations. I have a degree in business and 40 years of management and would highly recommend using them. Stacy is an ARMY veteran too! Thanks for your service!!!
Troy Burton
Troy Burton
February 17, 2022
Stacy with Springfield Quality Services was absolutely AMAZING! From the first time I spoke with him on the phone to the moment he came to the house to inspect our mold problem was a great experience. Stacy was very professional and thorough during the inspection of our house. He also wrote up a very detailed report explaining the results and included images of everything that was found during the inspection. I highly recommend Springfield Quality Services to anyone that is in need of a mold inspection. Great service!
sarah jurcyk
sarah jurcyk
January 7, 2022
Stacy Beasely did an excellent job testing our home for mold. What I thought was a small problem in our basement turned out to be mold infiltrating the entire HVAC system and hence the whole house. He was very thorough and professional. He was very responsive to my numerous questions about cleaning and actions we could do to prevent this from happening again. I hope you never have to deal with a mold issue, but if you do, Stacy Beasey is very helpful. I highly recommend him.
Marshall Price
Marshall Price
March 29, 2021
I have used Springfield Quality Services for many years both personally and for my business. They are always very helpful and use cutting edge technology. My company cleans HVAC/Duct Systems and we are inspected on many of our jobs and I have clients that ask us all the time who to use for inspections for mold issues. I give Springfield Quality Services name out all the time and when I follow up with my clients or friends that needed their service I always get the same reaction, which is how professional, kind and caring they are. Mold can be a scary thing, however Stacy Beasley has a wonderful manner about him when talking to people. He is someone who cares and who will go above and beyond to help his clients. The technology that he has is revolutionary in the testing field. The easiest way to have a issue with your own clients is to refer the wrong person to them. I have never had a issue, complaint or been concerned that Springfield Quality Services could not handle the questions or locations that I have referred. If you are looking for microbial testing for your house, office, manufacturing plant or building call Springfield Quality Services first!

Owner: Stacy Beasley

Our services

Springfield Quality Services specializes in providing solution driven mold and air quality inspections for residential and commercial buildings based out of Carthage, MO and available nationally. Our services include a top to bottom inspection and air quality test of your home or business, air sample testing, surface sample testing and a full color report with a mold remediation plan.

Air quality test needed after a fire

Fires can produce hidden dangers in your indoor air quality. After the clean-up, you will want to make sure your home is safe to return to. We use state of the art air quality inspections and analysis equipment to capture any harmful compounds in your air. If determined that your home is not safe after the clean-up, we will work with your remediation company to ensure your structure is properly cleaned.

Meth use in rental homes and apartments is an all-too-common occurrence. If you suspect your rental has been contaminated by meth manufacturing and use, we can perform an analysis of the surfaces and determine if meth was used or manufactured. 

Moisture Investigation

Excess moisture is one of the causes of indoor mold problems. We tell our customers. “You do not have a mold problem, rather a moisture problem.” As your indoor air quality inspection professionals, we provide a home inspection, we investigate your structure for moisture problems that could be causing the mold problem or could become a potential mold problem.   

Crawl Space Inspection

Crawl Space InspectionCrawl spaces are highly susceptible to different types of mold. The crawl space environment being both dark and damp provides the perfect conditions to encourage mold growth.  A comprehensive inspection from Springfield Quality Services will determine if the discoloration you are seeing in your crawl space is the result of mold growth and help you to identify the source of moisture that is causing the mold.

An odd odor can indicate a potential indoor air quality problem. With an indoor air quality inspection we are diligent in locating the source of the odor. Once located, we formulate a plan of action to help eliminate the odor.

Sick Building Syndrome may be affecting the health of your employees, creating increased absenteeism and the costing the company a loss in revenue. Dampness, mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and poor ventilation may be causing sickness. It is important to implement regular inspections to identify trouble areas in the building. We recommend semi-annual Healthy Building Checkups to ensure that your air quality is up to standards.

Who We Serve

Springfield Quality Services serves both residential and commercial clients. We have contracts with large corporations and government organizations. No job is too small or too large. 

We will travel anywhere in the United States. Our primary customer base is located in Southwest, Southeast and Central Missouri, Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Northern Arkansas. 

What Makes Us Unique

We care. We care about your health and your home. We treat a home inspection as if it were our home or family member who has been affected by mold. We bring our military training to the mold fight. The military taught us how to pay attention to details. Details matter. Details can save lives. We are very detailed when we inspect your home – as if your life depends on it. 

We Are Not Mold Remediators

Springfield Quality Services does not remediate the mold problem. We are mold inspectors only. We work with professional remediation companies to ensure your job is completed successfully according to industry standards. 

Our Vehicle

We drive a white Subaru Outback void of all identifying logos. Mold can be a sensitive issue for a commercial business. It is important to our commercial clients not to advertise a mold inspector is on site.

What is the InstaScope?

The InstaScope® uses advanced bioaerosol technology to determine the overall mold spore, bacteria, virus and pollen concentration in near real-time. The InstaScope® uses AI technology to determine if the mold spore concentration is normal or abnormal. The InstaScope® technology was developed by the military to determine the presence of airborne anthrax. The technology is now used to “see” a structures overall indoor air quality. 

How the InstaScope Works 

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air purifiers

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