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Your Indoor Air Quality Inspection Professionals, based out of Carthage, MO, and available nationally.

Springfield Quality Services specializes in assessing your indoor air quality issues. Our services are based in Carthage, MO and available nationally. We offer solution-driven mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings, Volatile Organic Compound Testing, virus and bacteria inspections, odor investigations, surface methamphetamine sampling, and moisture investigations.


Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness

"Stacy is the person we trust for professional mold inspection. After getting multiple other inspections from area mold inspectors that were completely inaccurate and very expensive, we found Stacy, who follows the industry guidelines and standards for mold inspection and remediation plans. His is also the only local company I know of that uses an Instascope to show exactly where the elevated mold levels are coming from while on site. He’s the only mold professional I would recommend, and we are so thankful we found him."

Owner: Stacy Beasley

Our services

Springfield Quality Services specializes in providing solution driven mold and air quality inspections for residential and commercial buildings based out of Carthage, MO and available nationally. Our services include a top to bottom inspection and air quality test of your home or business, air sample testing, surface sample testing and a full color report with a mold remediation plan.

Fires can produce hidden dangers in your indoor air quality. After the clean-up, you will want to make sure your home is safe to return to. We use state of the art air quality inspections and analysis equipment to capture any harmful compounds in your air. If determined that your home is not safe after the clean-up, we will work with your remediation company to ensure your structure is properly cleaned.

Meth use in rental homes and apartments is an all-too-common occurrence. If you suspect your rental has been contaminated by meth manufacturing and use, we can perform an analysis of the surfaces and determine if meth was used or manufactured. 

Moisture Investigation

Excess moisture is one of the causes of indoor mold problems. We tell our customers. “You do not have a mold problem, rather a moisture problem.” As your indoor air quality inspection professionals, we provide a home inspection, we investigate your structure for moisture problems that could be causing the mold problem or could become a potential mold problem.   

An odd odor can indicate a potential indoor air quality problem. With an indoor air quality inspection we are diligent in locating the source of the odor. Once located, we formulate a plan of action to help eliminate the odor.

Sick Building Syndrome may be affecting the health of your employees, creating increased absenteeism and the costing the company a loss in revenue. Dampness, mold, bacteria, viruses, volatile organic compounds, and poor ventilation may be causing sickness. It is important to implement regular inspections to identify trouble areas in the building. We recommend semi-annual Healthy Building Checkups to ensure that your air quality is up to standards.

Who We Serve

Springfield Quality Services serves both residential and commercial clients. We have contracts with large corporations and government organizations. No job is too small or too large. 

We will travel anywhere in the United States. Our primary customer base is located in Southwest, Southeast and Central Missouri, Southeast Kansas, Northeast Oklahoma and Northern Arkansas. 

What Makes Us Unique

We care. We care about your health and your home. We treat a home inspection as if it were our home or family member who has been affected by mold. We bring our military training to the mold fight. The military taught us how to pay attention to details. Details matter. Details can save lives. We are very detailed when we inspect your home – as if your life depends on it. 

We Are Not Mold Remediators

Springfield Quality Services does not remediate the mold problem. We are mold inspectors only. We work with professional remediation companies to ensure your job is completed successfully according to industry standards. 

Our Vehicle

We drive a white Subaru Outback void of all identifying logos. Mold can be a sensitive issue for a commercial business. It is important to our commercial clients not to advertise a mold inspector is on site.

What is the InstaScope?

The InstaScope® uses advanced bioaerosol technology to determine the overall mold spore, bacteria, virus and pollen concentration in near real-time. The InstaScope® uses AI technology to determine if the mold spore concentration is normal or abnormal. The InstaScope® technology was developed by the military to determine the presence of airborne anthrax. The technology is now used to “see” a structures overall indoor air quality. 

How the InstaScope Works 

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