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Springfield Quality Services provides air quality inspections in Lamar, MO.

Springfield Quality Services is skilled at figuring out what’s causing your poor indoor air quality. Our air quality inspection services are in Lamar, Missouri, and are offered nationwide. We provide home inspections, mold inspections for residential and commercial buildings, VOC testing, virus and bacteria inspections, odor investigations, surface methamphetamine sampling, and moisture investigations.

Every year, indoor air pollution is linked to health risks, allergies, and asthma as levels rise rapidly. Regarding indoor air quality, it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

Air quality inspection services in Lamar, MO.

Springfield Quality Services uses cutting-edge inspection processes and equipment to determine whether your home has mold, what kind of mold it has, and how much there is. We test your home’s air quality from top to bottom to ensure its health.

Mold Examination

Mold is a silent adversary that can harm your health. Hiring mold remediation professionals to examine and test your home is essential. With a home air quality inspection in Lamar, MO, Springfield Quality Services will assist in keeping your family safe, healthy, and in control of the air quality in your residence or workplace.

Odor Inspection

Many clients have complained to us about a foul stench in their homes. According to some, mold smells “earthy,” “dirty socks,” or “dampness.” Following a home inspection, mold development was found in many cases. If left unchecked, mold development in your house or business may make people sick and cause significant damage to the building.

Fire Damage

Harmful substances have been detected in modern furniture, building materials, and insulation. During a fire, these cancer-causing substances are released into the air and combine with the carcinogenic properties of the smoke to form carcinogens.

Carbon, char, and ash are the most visible components, accounting for only a small part of these products. Unlike other chemicals that evaporate quickly and provide no long-term pollution danger, some can remain for weeks, months, or even years, raising concerns about long-term impacts and casting doubt on the success of the cleanup procedure.

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At Springfield Quality Services, we are trained and qualified in air quality inspections, mold testing, and removal. We will do all we can to maintain that your home remains mold-free, and we’ll do it with a pleasant, happy, kind, and engaging demeanor. Contact our office today to schedule a home assessment and take control of your indoor air quality. 

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