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Springfield Quality Services can check the air quality in your Oronogo, MO, home or business to make sure it’s safe to live or work there.

Springfield Quality Services is the company to contact if you’re concerned about the air quality in your house. Our company’s headquarters are in Carthage, Missouri, but we serve clients all around the country, including those in Oronogo, by offering air quality tests.

Among the many services we provide are:

  • Mold inspections and testing for both business and residential buildings
  • Checking for moisture
  • Examining volatile organic compounds
  • Testing for pathogens
  • Analysis of odors
  • Testing for narcotics

More and more people are being affected by health problems like allergies and asthma due to the increased levels of indoor air pollution. If you want to make sure your indoor air quality is good, schedule a test today; it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Air Quality Testing and Building Inspections

In order to determine the kind, amount, and presence of mold in your house, it is recommended to have Springfield Quality Services do a comprehensive mold inspection. By doing thorough air quality tests, we can ensure the safety of your family in your home.

The Effects of A Fire

Many different substances are produced as a result of the chemical reactions that take place before, during, and after a fire. Insulation, new furniture, and construction materials have all been proven to contain harmful chemicals. These cancer-causing compounds are released into the air after a fire and combine with the chemicals in the smoke to form a hazardous haze.

The most obvious components—carbon, char, and ash—contribute a negligible fraction of the total pollutants. It can take months, if not years, for the human body to get over the impacts of some contaminants. Concerns over the effectiveness of the cleaning operation and the potential long-term effects are heightened since certain contaminants seem to evaporate quickly and do not provide much of a concern.

Mold Inspection

Inhaling mold spores might cause health problems. Professionals in mold remediation should inspect and test the house thoroughly. We provide mold inspection and testing services and would be happy to help anybody in or around Oronogo, Missouri.

Analysis of Odors

We’ve had our share of customers call in about a terrible smell, which, upon closer investigation, turned out to be mold. Mold, if left uncontrolled, may cause illness and property damage. Some people, when asked to describe the smell of mold, use terms like “earthy,” “dirty socks,” and “dampness.”

When You Need Help, Call Springfield Quality Services!

Springfield Quality Services provides a wide range of services, including mold inspections, air quality tests, and treatment procedures. If we say we’re going to keep your home mold-free, we mean it. To get control of your home’s air quality, contact our company at (417) 323-6235 to arrange for a mold inspection and air quality tests. We are here to help!

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