Springfield Quality Services

Mold Testing based out of Carthage, MO, and available nationally.

Springfield Quality Services uses the latest mold inspection processes and devices to help determine if your home has mold, what types, and how much. The mold testing Springfield Quality Services performs is done top to bottom to ensure healthy air quality in your home. 


Quality mold testing services based out of Carthage, MO, and available to business and residences nationwide.

 Our business takes several steps to not only find mold in your home, but also the source of the problem.


Here is a guide of our process: 

  • Our mold inspector starts by visually inspecting the house. Next, they search for areas that have had leaks, including windows or roofs, or spaces that have experienced flooding, such as basements, environments that promote mold growth.  
  • Next, photographs are taken of the areas of concern, and thermal imaging technology is used to find damp areas in and behind walls.  
  • Since mold needs moisture to grow, a part of our mold testing process is to find the source (or sources) of the moisture, including areas where leaks have occurred or are occurring.  
  • Testing for mold in the air, on the surface, behind a wall, or above a ceiling is also done. All of these are done without causing damage to your home.

What happens after the testing? 

  • Within days of the samples being gathered, you will be sent a complete report of your inspector’s simple to understand findings. 
  • Your inspector will create a mold removal plan, including suggestions for cleanup and ways to keep mold from coming back. The inspector can do this if you request it. 
  • Once the mold removal is complete, a follow-up test is done to make sure the removal was done accurately, efficiently, and correctly. In addition, it determines if more testing or mold removal is needed.


    Springfield Quality Services’ professionals are trained and certified in mold testing and removal. We will do our best to make your home mold-free and bring a courteous, positive, friendly, and engaging attitude to the work we do for you.

    Please give us a call at (417) 323-6235 or click the button below to contact one of our technicians for more information.