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Home Inspections in the Frontenac, KS Area Performed by Springfield Quality Services

Springfield Quality Services offers home inspections to residents in Frontenac, KS, and the surrounding region who are experiencing issues with poor indoor air quality. The Carthage, Missouri, headquarters allows us to service customers nationwide. Our services include commercial and residential property inspections along with testing for mold, VOCs, bacteria, viruses, smells, and surface methamphetamine.

Allergies and asthma, two of the most common health problems caused by indoor air pollution, are on the rise every year. Getting a home inspection should be your first priority if you are worried about the quality of the air within your property.

Our Home Inspections Help Keep You Safe

Get in touch with Springfield Quality Services if you see any signs of mold development in your house. We will do a comprehensive inspection to determine the kind and level of mold in your house. We do thorough air quality checks around the home to ensure its well-being.

The Negative Effects of Fire

Both the fire itself and its aftermath produce hundreds of different chemical reactions. There is evidence that many modern building products, including insulation, furniture, and building supplies, contain toxic chemicals. In a fire, these compounds that cause cancer are released into the air and become carcinogens when they mix with the carcinogenic properties of smoke.

Although ash, carbon, and char are the most noticeable consequences, they are really rather little. In contrast to chemicals that evaporate quickly and pose little threat to long-term pollution, other chemicals may remain in the environment for weeks, months, or even years, which leaves one to wonder about the effectiveness of the cleaning procedure and the potential long-term effects.

Mold Inspections

Hidden dangers lurk in mold, which may lead to major health issues. It is critical to have professionals in mold remediation evaluate and test your home. Springfield Quality Services offers comprehensive home inspections to ensure a healthy, safe, and pleasant atmosphere in your home or business.

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The experts at Springfield Quality Services can test for and remove mold. As we do everything in our power to maintain your home mold-free, we promise to be cheerful, courteous, friendly, and diligent. If you are interested in scheduling a home inspection and taking control of your indoor air quality, please contact our office today.

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