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Springfield Quality Services, based in Carthage, Missouri, offers professional air quality testing nationally.

The crawl space is a problem. Especially in the humid Ozarks, Springfield, and Joplin, Missouri areas. Our crawl spaces are out of sight and mind until a plumber, pest control, or home inspector discovers “discoloration that could be mold.” A crawl space can be a petri dish for black, green, and white mold. Crawl spaces are dark, damp, and dirty – everything that mold needs to germinate and populate is in your crawl space. If you have mold in your crawl space, you do not have a mold problem, rather a moisture problem.

How Our Process Works

The moisture problem should be fixed before the mold problem is resolved. All that mold needs to survive in your crawl space is a little bit of moisture. Moisture sources include outdoor humidity, ground moisture vapor, groundwater, poor guttering, poor ground slope, plumbing leaks, and disconnected dryer vents. If you choose to have Springfield Quality Services air quality testing to inspect the black mold in your crawl space, we will do a comprehensive crawlspace inspection. We check all corners, around all plumbing, and examine all substructures. If requested, we will take a surface tape sample of the mold and send it to an independent lab for analysis. Then we will inspect the exterior of the home. The goal is to determine if the discoloration is mold growth and the moisture source causing the mold growth. After we are complete, we will write a remediation protocol detailing what a remediation contractor should do to clean or remove the mold growth and correct the issues causing mold growth.

Did I mention snakes and spiders? Yes, they are living in your crawl space. No, we don’t disturb them. But we will provide a picture for you. When inquiring about your crawl space inspection, ask about our biannual crawl space inspection service.


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