Springfield Quality Services

Mold Inspection and Testing with InstaScope

InstaScope provides crucial mold inspection and testing to ensure your indoor air quality is safe. Springfield Quality Services is based out of Carthage, MO, and is available nationally.

At Springfield Quality Services, we use the latest mold inspection and testing technology called InstaScope to instantly sample air and receive real-time information about every room so you can know if mold is present in a structure. We use this information to generate reports on-site for you. 

InstaScope created a “library” of airborne biological particles in conjunction with University of Colorado researchers to catalog spores, viruses, bacteria, fungi, and pollen. (https://instascope.co/) 

The technology is used to know if indoor spaces have been thoroughly sanitized after exposure and monitor the indoor air quality of commercial and industrial areas. It is also used in homes to monitor, manage, and maintain the air quality of residential homes and can be used in duct cleaning processes.  InstaScope’s mold inspection and testing technology are also used before, during, and after damages occur from a significant water spill, for example. 

This also allows for medical facilities to be consistently monitored for airborne microbes by InstaScope technology. 

How InstaScope works

InstaScope has a four-step process: 

  1. We use the InstaScope wand to capture particles when they flow into its chamber. 
  2. The mold particles pass through a series of lasers, ultra violet light, and a microscope to determine total concentration and ecology. 
  3. Results are then displayed on an iPad in real-time to view on-site. 

Contact Springfield Quality Services by clicking the contact button or by calling our office at (417) 323-6235 to learn more about InstaScope and to learn how we can use it to test your indoor air quality.